Project Management

FMS is well organized in all operations of management business involving the fabrication service industry of the oil patch and other related industries, ready to assist its clients with the launch of large scale engineered projects, allowing its clients to focus on their core business objectives. By having FMS accountable for their client’s project management requirements, it eliminates the need to contract multiple parties for related business issues. Having only FMS to relay and receive valuable information from, controls all relevant business issues from one key source. FMS has extensive experience in project management including all aspects of coordination, communication, product procurement, problem solving abilities with time management skills to ensure its clients projects are completed both on schedule and within budget, avoiding costly dilemmas, saving its clients both time and money.

FMS also uses various types of available technologies to close the distance between itself and its clients, using web based services to always update and communicate with its clients on site and off. These services are also used between FMS employees and its other collaborative management systems to ensure the initiated plan of action is always current and precise.

CWB certified ISO 9001:2000 certified IAF accreditation