Industrial Design

FMS offers a full range of engineering, design, drafting and prototype development services for all of its client’s projects. Whether the clients project needs revision or is just an idea not yet materialized, FMS will provide the necessary engineering, designing and drafting that meets and exceeds the needs of its client’s project requirements. Using up to date software, hardware and technology, knowledge and experience through the FMS team of professionals, FMS ensures that its client’s ideas and concepts are streamlined and placed into production in the most efficient way possible.

FMS works with an extensive network of vendors each of whom specialize in their own areas of expertise and product lines ensuring every component is appropriate for the application. FMS brings an entire range of product specific knowledge to its client and are always on the lookout for more innovative technologies available to suit the client’s product requirements. FMS's mandate is to offer its clients revolutionary ideas and superior services, applying global industrial recognized standards to ensure quality and that satisfaction remains constant throughout all projects worldwide.

FMS works in close relationship with its clients from the initial stages of concept and development through to a final streamlined finished product. The client is assured that FMS's proficiency and comprehension will assist the client in achieving their final production or product ambitions. From simple components to complex systems, FMS has a staff of experts that will assist the client with all of their requirements. FMS works well as an individual company or as part of a larger collaboration, customer satisfaction is of top priority.

engineering design, prototyping, drafting
CWB certified ISO 9001:2000 certified IAF accreditation