Mobile Services

FMS has many unique services available in-house with numerous highly qualified staff members ready to assist with the task at hand. Employed at FMS is a diversity of highly skilled individuals, ranging in professions that include journeyman millwrights, pipefitters, plumbers, electricians, welders, light and heavy duty mechanics, high pressure gas fitters, AC mechanical, hydraulic and instrumentation experts.

FMS has several fully equipped portable units available for different types of project requirements. FMS will design and custom build any type or style of portable unit for its clients, engineered to the client’s specific requirements for the end user. All units are equipped and outfitted with heating units for the colder Canadian weather conditions, allowing the operators of the units to stay on site in comfort while completing the project. The types of portable units that FMS has and each unit’s capabilities have been outlined below.

  • Portable Piping Units
    • Equipped with benders and threaders for capacities up to 4" XXH pipe
    • Fully stocked with all required inventory
    • Equipped with all necessary tools
  • Portable Hydraulic Units
    • Equipped with hose crimpers for up to 1½"
    • Fully stocked with a variety of reusable fittings, quick couplers, crimp ends, and all sizes of hydraulic hose up to 1½"
  • Portable Welding Units
    • Fully stocked and equipped.
    • All FMS welding units in-house and on site are CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified and follow the set industry standards
    • Available for structural welding, carbon steel or stainless steel, custom fabrication, and B pressure piping
  • Portable Commercial Plumbing Units
    • Equipped with copper, steel, aluminum, ABS pipe, all fittings and related clamps
    • All essential tooling and equipment for repair or commercial installations
  • Portable Commercial Carpentry Units
    • Fully stocked tooling and equipped
    • Fully stocked with a wide variety of wood materials / nails / hardware / etc
  • Portable Commercial Office Units
    • Temperature controlled
    • Fully stocked with all office related equipment designed to match the job requirements
  • FMS has been involved with mobile services for many different applications. These mobile services have been utilized for projects such as:
    • Piping
    • Pipe and hosing
    • Trouble shooting
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • On site installations
    • Plant maintenance
    • Solutions customized to FMS's clients specific requests
  • FMS field crews offer over 25 years of experience in which they look forward to applying FMS's knowledge and expertise to FMS's client base and their project requirements.
CWB certified ISO 9001:2000 certified IAF accreditation