FMS provides a full range of fabrication services that complements any project to fulfill the client’s business requirements. FMS's goal as a fabrications expert is to eliminate the hassle to the client in finding a facility for each service required by the client’s project. FMS takes extreme pride in its in-house workings by being a one-stop business structure for its client’s fabrication and development requirements.

FMS has fabricated numerous prototypes involving oil field equipment and their accessory components. A vast majority of FMS's fabrication projects have had something to do with drilling rigs, but it has also fabricated many items that are road ready and are not related to the oil patch industry. A small list of some of the accessory components that FMS has built are listed below:

  • Drilling rig components
  • Pipe tubs
  • Mud tanks
  • Catwalk walkways
  • Corod spools
  • Oilfield welding decks for semi-trucks
  • Structural beam supports
  • Liquid containment matting
  • Transport trailers for corod spools
  • Skid structures
  • HPU units in large quantity
  • Accumulator systems
  • Tanks
  • Weights and stacks
  • Custom hose ends
  • Vent lines and flare lines
  • Chemical plant components

From reservoirs to skid units, FMS offers full traceability and quality workmanship.

With experience in power generating units, skid structures and general fabrication, FMS's clients will be assured a quality product in a timely manner. With FMS's project management services, it also can assist in complete fabrication and assembly of its client’s total requirements no matter what the size or scale of the project may detail.

FMS staff can assist its clients in application design, right through to fabrication and assembly of the clients’ total project. FMS works with its clients to ensure the finished product meets the application.

Providing complete weld maps, traceability, and documentation services, FMS ensures that quality and traceability requirements are met.

CWB certified ISO 9001:2000 certified IAF accreditation